I have been creating since childhood - I was either cutting, sewing, gluing or throwing glitter on something! And if I wasn't doing crafts, then I was running the neighborhood with my siblings and friends and letting our imaginations run wild (those were the days, eh?!). So it's no surprise to me that I chose a career that allows my creative flag to fly! I've always loved photography and rummaging through really old photos - and quite honestly feeling mesmerized by them...wondering about all of the stories, memories, and feelings that were held behind each click of the shutter. Once our family grew, capturing those fleeting moments became evermore important - this is our legacy. I want to create images that tell your story, show your connection, and transport you back to that very moment every time you look at your photos. I believe that every session is filled with so much magic, beauty, and originality and I am so excited to tell your story through my lens! 

I'm Lindsay. Mother, creative, & free spirit. 

south bay family, couples & motherhood photographer

I know we can make magic together & I can't wait to meet you.

What makes my heart go 'pitter-patter' while shooting...


True, raw, and organic emotion.

Long embraces with loved ones.

Letting your hair fly wild.

Slowing down, being present, & making memories.

I can't live without 

My family. They are the air I breathe. 

I'll never say 'no' to

A bean and cheese burrito & marg. 

I find comfort in

'Mimi' - a blanket I've had since childhood.

I love to

Crochet, diy house projects, be in nature, & be with friends! 

A little about me...

A few of my favorite things


My family


Hanging at the beach

Cruising Rosie


About page photo credit - Olesya Photography & Twyla. Jones

Southern California Family, Couples, and Motherhood Photography

Let's make MAGIC together